Custom Software

We understand the uniqueness of your business and not all IT solutions are one size, fits all. It takes a Partner that has in depth skill and knowledge to truly understand the intricacies of running a business from a financial and operations standpoint and translate that understanding to your business’ advantage. Systema Solutions leverages the experience of its people in various industries to tailor fit solutions for its customers, be it for the web, mobile or desktop use.

Service Offerings

Dynamics NAV Custom Applications

POS System

Systema Solutions has developed a Point-of-Sale System called SS3, designed for retailers and distributors to seamlessly integrate their POS data into Dynamics NAV.

Vendor Incentive Program

The Vendor Incentive Program automates computation of incentives and/or funds directly from Dynamics NAV. Sales Performance Incentive Funds (SPIF), Marketing Development Fund (MDF), Cooperative (COOP) Marketing Fund based on purchase volume (accrual or DFI) and Volume Incentive Rebates (VIR) are just some of the incentive programs that retailers can quickly leverage on as these solutions are ready made and quick to deploy in Dynamics NAV.

Timesheet Entry

The Timesheet Entry has been designed for industries with highly mobile workforce to automate the recording and tracking of man hours and how these man hours have been spent by each employee and for what specific activities. This can be used as the basis for project milestones and billing purposes. Access to the timesheets vary depending on the roles and permissions assigned per employee.

Mobile, Web or Desktop-Based Application

Systema Solutions configures and customizes specifically to accommodate your business processes and workflows so that you can automate tasks and get more from your systems, be it for mobile, web or desktop based applications.

Our Team of experienced developers use the Microsoft .NET Technology to customize your software requirements.