09 Apr

The New Way to Enjoy Your Tasks in the Office

By Systema Solutions | 09 Apr 2018

The numbers do not match… again. And here you are: After 3 days of overtime, and audit deadline is fast approaching, the numbers still do not add up. Adding more personnel to the table is not even enough to contain the situation. You cannot even fully track the progress of work other than what you see in your spreadsheet, which you still need to double-check later. What’s more, tracking and… read full story here

02 Apr

Why Should I Pick You? – A Guide on Choosing for an Implementation Partner

By Systema Solutions | 02 Apr 2018

Here is an age-old question that has always been related to either the success or the downfall for most decision-makers in businesses of all sizes: “Why should I pick you?” And in this context, we will target the concept of the right selection for an implementation partner – keeping in mind that one wrong move of yours will spell massive dollars’ worth of disappointments, loss in business opportunities, begrudged effort… read full story here

27 Apr

Dynamics NAV Drives Business Growth at Leading Retail Company

By Systema Solutions | 27 Apr 2017

Many retail businesses are challenged to responding quickly to changing consumer demands while balancing internal control, increased margins and profitability. An end-to-end view of the business then becomes imperative to help retailers to focus on connecting with customers and delivering a complete, personalized shopping experience across all channels. Such is the same case for this leading retail company that after nearly forty years of operation, it has expanded its business… read full story here

22 Feb

Extended Savings

By Systema Solutions | 22 Feb 2017

2017 Extended savings and you’re in for a treat till June! Running a business shouldn’t be complicated and automating your financial business processes shouldn’t be expensive.  We understand the impact of savings to your bottomline today to your vision to grow your business in the future.  So here’s an opportunity to save on your financial management software costs this 2017. Systema Solutions together with Microsoft offers Gimme Me 5+.  For a minimum… read full story here

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